Ben Haenow's relationship has been affected by his new found fame.

The 30-year-old musician has admitted his long-term relationship with girlfriend Jess has been tested since winning 'The X Factor' last year as he's been so busy working on his career.

Speaking about a new song titled 'All Yours' which was inspired by their difficulties, he explained to BANG Showbiz: ''It was more of an autobiographical one, this one, and people who know my story and stuff will probably be able to read into it a little bit more. This is kind of about when you're away from someone and maybe you're not taking the care and attention that you should to keep in contact with them, what their friends are saying back home and the stories that are being told. It's basically just about when you go out and you put yourself out there and people don't understand that everything you're doing is for them and it seems like you're offending or hurting someone.''

The singer - whose new single 'Second Hand Heart' featuring Kelly Clarkson will be released next Friday (16.10.15) - confessed he did ''neglect'' his girlfriend while making his self-titled debut album, out on November 13, but insisted their issues have only made them stronger.

He said: ''I think it is [hard]. And I think if the shoe was on the other foot, if Jess was off doing her thing it would be tough. You don't know how to think. In some respects you do neglect the other person but not through any malice. So that's what that [song] is about.

''We've been great really. It's a lot for both of us to take in. Nothing's going to change the position that we're in, apart from for the better.''