Singer Ben Folds and novelist Nick Hornby have formed an unlikely alliance to record a new album. The former frontman of the BEN FOLDS FIVE has collaborated with the author of 'High Fidelity' to create a new collaborative piece of work, entitled 'Lonely Avenue', which was released yesterday (28th September 2010).
44-year-old Folds created the music for Hornby's lyrics, and also played piano on the album, and in an interview with CNN he said "The big thing for me is to be making records that all feel like, in some way, that it's my first record, and that determines the success of it, I think. This record feels like a first record because the process was different, everything was different, and I didn't have an iron grip over what it would be". One of the album's tracks, 'Levi Johnston's Blues' is about the moment that Bristol Palin'S then boyfriend found out he would be the father of her child.
Ben Folds last studio album was 2008's 'Way to Normal', but he has released a number of compilation and live records in recent years. Nick Hornby released his latest novel, 'Juliet, Naked', in 2009.