Review of Way To Normal Album by Ben Folds

Album review for 'Way To Normal' by Ben Folds released through Columbia.

Ben Folds Way To Normal Album

Ben Folds. Way To Normal. The joke is, you see. He's already there. He's already normal! At least, I think that's the joke.
Presumably the reason they started the album off with a live track, complemented by several hundred people cheering at opportune moments is for the benefit of those people who have never heard Ben Folds before. They're trying to catch them early. They're trying to persuade them, through the medium of cheering that Ben Folds writes songs worth emptying your lungs for. Well, folks, 50,000,000 Folds Fans CAN be wrong. And no, this isn't a proper review, because it doesn't even mention the music, or anything. But Ben Folds isn't a proper musician. He's a pre-programmed Moron Entertainment Machine.

Hayley Avron

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