Ben Fogle thinks Prince William's wedding ''reinvigorated'' the royal family.

The TV star was among the guests when the prince married Kate Middleton - who is now known as Duchess Catherine - last April and thinks Queen Elizabeth's forthcoming Diamond Jubilee celebrations, though a very different occasion, will unite the country in a similar way.

He said: ''The wedding was an extraordinary moment, and I don't think you can compare a wedding with an anniversary as such. The wedding was completely unique and it invigorated the whole country and I think it put a great Spark back into the royal family.

''I wouldn't like to compare them, but I think that with the Diamond Jubilee, I think everyone is surprising themselves about how excited everyone has got, not because we have an extra day off work, but to have the four days and so many exciting all-inclusive events.

''I love the fact that it's very inclusive, and when you combine that with the Olympics and the torch relay, and everything that is going on in the country, it's like a wave of happiness in England, and it doesn't happen very often. I think the Jubilee weekend is going to be completely extraordinary.''

Ben is working on a documentary with William about the ''devastation'' caused by poaching, but admits the finished film maybe take a while because the prince is so busy.

Ben exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I was lucky enough to spend time with William out in Botswana and made the film, 'Prince William's Africa', and we both share a passion for wildlife and poaching is increasing and it is a huge concern to both of us.

''It is certainly something we are working on, a documentary about it. It's one of those things that, hopefully, will come together but things take time, but William and I have both realised the significance and importance and devastation being caused by poaching, and I think that things will happen in their own time.''

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