Fans at this year’s Comic-Con at San Diego have been treated to a preview of the new Batman costume. The new design will be worn by Ben Affleck in the next instalment of the Batman series, which will be directed by Zack Snyder. The film will see Affleck’s Dark Knight alongside Superman, which itself will be Henry Cavill’s second portrayal of the man from Krypton after last year’s Man Of Steel.

Ben Affleck Batman
Director Zack Snyder's designs for the new Batman costume to be worn by Ben Affleck

The project, currently with the working title Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, is tipped for release in May 2016. Work has already begun on the film, which also stars Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Most importantly, it's the first time that both Batman and Superman will share the big screen.

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The superhero’s new outfit, christened ‘Batfleck’ by fans on Twitter, has a gritty and distinctly minimalist look to it. While Affleck’s casting as the caped crusader was controversial when it was first announced, many fans have got behind the new design. Only the mask and cowl are actually on display at the convention, but the full suit could end up being revealed during the Warner Bros. panel at the convention on Saturday July 26th.

Also unveiled at the convention was a ‘Darth Car’ / ‘Vadermobile’ to be featured in the new Star Wars movie due for release at the back end of next year. Among many highlights still to come at the convention is a reported unveiling of a graphic novel sequel to the cult film Fight Club by its author Chuck Palahnuik.

Henry Cavill Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman will star alongside Affleck's Batman in the new film, mooted for 2016