With the DC Extended Universe's next release 'Justice League' right around the corner, it's only right that more information surrounding the film is beginning to trickle out from some brilliant sources, with the leading actors in the movie now opening up about their respective characters.

Ben Affleck has cemented himself as a brilliant Bruce Wayne in the DCEUBen Affleck has cemented himself as a brilliant Bruce Wayne in the DCEU

Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg will all be coming together, along with a rumoured revival of Superman, to take on their biggest threat to-date in the form of Steppenwolf. Exactly how all of that is going to go down remains to be seen, but we imagine that the battle is going to be a fierce one.

The film will also reveal exactly how the heroes come together, with one of the most interesting aspects sure to be how they all put their differences aside to fight for the same cause and to save the world from destruction.

Now of course we all love the Dark Knight, but he's always been one of the more stubborn superheroes when it comes to accepting help from other places. That's all set to change in 'Justice League' and, as we saw in 'Batman v Superman', he's somebody who's opening up his horizons when working with a team.

Speaking with Us Weekly, Affleck explained: "In 'Batman v Superman', he was at the end of his rope. But in 'Justice League', he's finding hope again. He has to open up and play well with others. He knows he needs them."

He added: "He's sort of the ultimate loner, but he's really trying to make it work and develop a good relationship with all of them. He might be a mentor to The Flash."

The idea of Bruce Wayne becoming Barry Allen's mentor is certainly an intriguing one. Affleck's version of Bruce is the most weathered we've seen on the big screen, so we already know he's been through a lot and he inevitably has a lot of knowledge to pass down to the younger heroes of the modern age. With Barry being one of those heroes, they could form a father-son relationship, giving Bruce a chance to flex his paternal muscles.

Whatever goes down in 'Justice League', we're sure the ride is going to be a thrilling one. We can't wait to watch this November.

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'Justice League' will be released in cinemas across the UK on November 17.