Ben Affleck couldn't resist getting involved in both acting and directing in new film 'Argo' after seeing the incredible script shown to him by writer Chris Terrio and producer Grant Heslov. The film has been picking up plaudits during its run over the recent film festival season, but it seems none of those reviewing it are bigger fans than Affleck himself, who spoke with enthusiasm about the project recently to reporters.

''I wanted to play him [Tony] because the script was really interesting" he enthused. ''It struck me, right away, that you had this thriller and then, in equal measure, this comic Hollywood satire and this really intricate real-life CIA spy story based on truth.' It was that, he said, that initially made him want to direct it: "That seemed like a fantastically interesting and unusual movie to be a part of" he claimed.

He added ''And then, the actor side of my brain that's still in that phase of auditioning and trying to make connections and get work asked the director of that movie for a job, and the director was in a tough spot and had to say yes.'' Continuing, he said ''When I got the script, I couldn't believe how good it was. They said, 'This is our best script.' And I thought that was some executive hyping me on it, but it really was pretty incredible. I was amazed. I talked to Grant and George and said, 'Look, I really want to do this. This is amazing!' And they said, 'Okay, great! Let's do it!'" It doesn't sound like anyone's going to enjoy the new Ben Affleck movie more than Ben Affleck has.