Love her or hate her, Duke University’s newest celebrity – Belle Knox as she’s come to be known – is nothing short of successful. Whether we’re looking at her budding career, her various media appearances or the undergrad degree she’s still working on. According to the New York Post, the self-made porn star is now writing a book and hoping to move on to a law degree, so that she can actively fight for the rights of sex workers. In short, ”Belle Knox” is a porn star with a future.

Belle Knox, Headquarters
On Monday, Knox made her stripping debut at Headquarters.

“I have a lot of opportunities coming my way, I have a sex-toy line . . . coming out very soon and also I’ve been offered a paid internship at Pornhub in their p.r. and marketing development,” Knox told The New York Post. “At this point I am working to expand my brand and break down barriers that exist for sex workers, while also promoting sex-workers rights.” It’s not all sunshine and roses, however. Her activities, online videos and mainstream media appearances – Knox last appeared at Hell’s Kitchen in NYC as a stripper, reportedly getting a cool $5,000 out of the one night gig – have attracted the ire of fellow Dukies.

Her rep said classmates at the “Southern Ivy” school in North Carolina have hurled death threats and set up a “fake” Web sites to humiliate her. When she arrives back at Duke Thursday, she will be escorted by campus security because of the “harassment issues,” she said.

Even so, Knox isn’t afraid and is not backing out on her public persona. Instead, she’s using her new found fame to advocate for sexual liberation and freedom of expression – not to mention, earn enough to get herself through college. She says she has already earned enough cash from her sex flicks to pay for an entire semester at Duke — roughly $29,000, according to her lawyer, Terence Camp.