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17th November 2015

Quote: "I had one (wardrobe malfunction), which was my first shower scene with Tony. You can't really see (below the waist), you have on a little appropriate thing (panties), but it was sort of a pastie situation up top... but we didn't factor in the fact that there would be water. So now I'm very close with my crew!" Scandal star Bellamy Young accidentally exposed her breasts to her onscreen husband Tony Goldwyn and the show's crew during a steamy shower scene.

14th May 2015

Quote: "All my life, it (singing) has been my greatest solace. I love it so much... I did Broadway, did musicals and it was a thrill, but this year I got to make an album... I hope everybody loves it." SCANDAL star Bellamy Young has realised her lifelong dream of releasing an album by recording a series of covers for her debut, Far Away So Close. The actress/singer tackles a variety of genres on the album with songs by artists like Pink, Ryan Adams, Fleetwood MAC and Tom Waits.

14th November 2014

Quote: "Our beautiful food stylist April and George, who's in charge of props, they went to (vegan comfort food restaurant) Doomie's here in L.A... They fabricated big, beautiful chicken legs... Don't ask (what's in it)..." Vegan actress Bellamy Young managed to find a way around chowing down on real fried chicken during scenes as depressed U.S. First Lady Mellie Grant for hit political drama Scandal.

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