With creator Shonda Rhimes recently revealing the next seventh season of her critically-acclaimed political drama 'Scandal' would be its last outing, plenty of rumours and talk have been going around as to exactly how the show will be wrapping up.

Bellamy Young stars as Mellie Grant in the ABC political drama 'Scandal'Bellamy Young stars as Mellie Grant in the ABC political drama 'Scandal'

Some of that talk was either confirmed or laid to rest this week when the season six finale aired, and Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) was sworn in as the President of the United States of America. So what does the future hold for the show and the citizens of this fictional USA with the first ever female leading the country? Young had some tidbits of information to share.

"It's good vs. evil," teased the actress when asked about the theme viewers would become a part of when the final season hits the small screen in a chat with THR. "That also resonates politically for the people who work on the show creatively - especially with where we are in the world right now. We've done a lot with racial politics but with Mellie in the White House and Quinn being pregnant, there's fertile opportunity to explore gender politics in the workplace."

Young went on to admit that while her character "went through hell" before finding her place as the President of the United States, she has "a very naïve notion of being president", but hopes the new position will "ground her in her power".

"She fluttered above power for years because so much of her opposition was ornamental and not functional," she explained. "I hope she'll allow herself to come from a place of truth and, if not integrity, strength and wisdom."

Now what's going to be interesting is to see how the relationship between Mellie and the "darker" Olivia Pope will flourish or fall. Friction is expected between the pair, but when all is said and done, will the two of them act in the interests of the country, or simply be out for themselves?

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'Scandal' will return to ABC in the US for its seventh and final season later this year.