Bella Thorne made $1 million on OnlyFans in 24 hours.

The 22-year-old actress and singer joined the platform five days ago and by the end of her first day, she has already raked in the impressive figure for paid-for content, charging subscribers $20 (£15) per month.

Bella previously revealed she decided to join OnlyFans because she can ''fully control'' her ''image'', be herself, and not have to worry about bullies.

She explained recently of her decision to join the platform: ''OnlyFans is the first platform where I can fully control my image; without censorship, without judgement, and without being bullied online for being me.''

The former Disney star filmed a racy video to announce she had joined OnlyFans, in which she posed in a bikini and donned a diamond choker necklace featuring the word ''sex'' embellished on it.

In a statement, she said: ''My favorite feed is on OF. OnlyFans is a safe place for me to be Bella. To be who I am without judgement. Without censorship. It's FINALLY my decision to decide how I interact with my fans. (sic)''

Bella loves to be open with her fans but she feels that openness has come at a price and it has led people to misjudge her as a person.

She said: ''People have this idea in their head that I'm this crazy bad party girl, or this bitchy, crazy druggie. I don't get it, because I feel like I don't actually put out, like... bad s***? Like, I'm honest. I'm really, really f****** honest, and that gets me in trouble sometimes, but at the same time ... Most people who meet me will apologise.

''They're like, 'Yo, I'm sorry, I've read all these things and I just had a certain image in my head of who you are. And now that I meet you, I feel so bad because I realise that's completely untrue and I should never read anything.' The amount of f****** people that I've heard this s*** from - directors, producers, studio heads. Even friends! I hear it all the time.''