Bella Thorne is the new face of a hemp clothing company.

The 22-year-old actress has signed on as a brand ambassador - alongside influencers Jay Alverrez and Rachel Cook - for environmentally friendly company DRIHP Hemp Clothing, which was founded by Luke Dandrea.

Bella told Forbes: ''Our planet's health is so important as is its natural resources. I'm proud to align with a company that makes eco-friendly textiles.

''Hemp [production] does not use synthetic fertilisers, pesticides or GMOs. As an organic product, where hemp is grown, there's no pollution of ground water, soil or air.

''I'm thrilled to align with DRIHP... a company that is forefront of creating textiles that are environmentally friendly. It is so important that we take care of mother earth and ourselves. By using Hemp, DRIHP, is using less water than cotton to process; substantially lowering our use of this precious necessity. The brand is creating well-fitting and eco-friendly clothes that look great and make you feel good.''

Speaking about the decision to use help, Dandrea explained: ''Hemp has been reborn. It was a clear decision to dedicate resources to influencers to spread the message that hemp can save valuable resources like water. Hemp's derivative products can serve as alternatives not only to textiles, but to plastic products, building materials and even ingredients for the food industry.

''The brand stands for quality and a dedication to developing an ingredient that can help to save our environment.''