Belinda Carlisle has swapped her booze and drug addictions for another high - she releases natural endorphins by stuffing herself with spicy curries.
The former The Go-Go's frontwoman has spoken openly about abusing cocaine and alcohol throughout her pop career, until she finally kicked her dangerous habits in 2005.
And after banishing her vices, the singer admits she now indulges in natural treats to get her kicks - including super-hot curries.
She tells Britain's Fabulous, "A restaurant in L.A. has a hotness plaque that went up to 10 stars for the hottest and I got up to five or six. You get high off really spicy food! I don't do drugs or drink any more, but I eat a lot of curry!
"Curry, salt and coffee. I haven't had an alcoholic drink for five years. I had a 30-year struggle with drugs and alcohol. About five years ago, I decided enough was enough and joined a 12-step program. I was sick of looking and feeling like s**t."