Late Bee Gees star Robin Gibb will be commemorated with a special plaque outside his former home in England.
The singer died after a battle with cancer in May (12) at the age of 62, and his career achievements will be marked by The Heritage Foundation and Thame Borough Council, who will unveil a plaque at his former home in Thame, Oxfordshire in September (12).
The famed blue plaques are placed at buildings in London and across the U.K. to note where a person of importance to British history lived or worked.
Gibb was president of the Heritage Foundation from 2008 to 2011.
The foundation's new president David Graham says, "He was so down to earth and normal and really enthusiastic.
"It's a personal thing for me. He was a great bloke to get on with and I owe him a great deal and so do a lot of people in the country. He was a great songwriter and performer.
"We wouldn't have normally have done it this early - it is one of our quickest plaques - but it's a chance for the fans who are coming from all over the world.
"The measure of a man's life is what he has achieved. Robin has achieved so much in life it was immeasurable."