Bee Gees star Barry Gibb will always cherish the memory of his first meeting with John Lennon after bumping into the Beatles legend in an exclusive London club.
The sibling group had just started to make a name for themselves in Britain when they were invited to join the elite at the Speakeasy Club - and Gibb couldn't believe who he was rubbing shoulders with.
In a new biographical DVD about the Bee Gees' career, titled In Our Own Time, the Night Fever singer recalls, "It was virtually a closed club and you went downstairs and there was a coffin and if you were someone they knew and you were supposed to go in, the wall would turn around... and in you would go.
"There would be (Rolling) Stones lying around all over the place. It was one of those days when I met John Lennon - from the back. It was Pete Townshend who introduced me... (Lennon said), 'Pleased to meet you', and he carried on talking to his guest."