Sole surviving Bee Gees star Barry Gibb made a poignant pilgrimage to his family's former hometown in Australia on Thursday (14Feb13) to unveil a statue of the band.

The brothers - Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb - lived in Redcliffe, north of Brisbane after their family emigrated from England to Australia in the 1950s, and local officials have honoured the area's famous former residents with a permanent tribute.

Barry Gibb, the last surviving member of the band following the death of both Robin and Maurice, headed back to Redcliffe on Thursday to unveil the special statue, which depicts the trio as young boys, and he admitted it was an emotional experience.

Gibb insisted his brothers were watching over him as he unveiled the tribute, telling reporters, "I think they're with me (today). You can just sort of tell. They're there... To come back here and to follow my memories... I have found some kind of closure."

The singer also thanked the crowds of fans who gathered at the ceremony to see him honoured, adding, "We wouldn't be around without Redcliffe... This is where the music was born... I didn't know that so many people (would) come to this and say hello to me and my family. My mum is real proud today."

A walkway in the area has also be renamed Bee Gees Way in the band's honour.

Maurice Gibb died in 2003 and his twin brother, Robin, passed away last May (12) after a battle with cancer.