Review of Girl Single by Beck


Beck - Girl - Single Review

Beck - Girl - Single Review


Taken from the “Guero” album, released on June 27th on Interscope Records, Beck is back with this funky summer track!!

He’s just about to embark on a massive tour in the US and Canada, Beck releases his second single from the new album “Girl” on July 4th and will probably be celebrating this hit as well as his native American celebration Independence Day!

I love how this track has the electro pop sound but it still has the classic acoustic beats he’s always had! The vocals on the track are cool, I mean after all, he is the “coolest man in pop”, with his funky dress sense and laid back attitude to music!

The track is one of the hits of the summer, and has one of the funkiest beats I’ve heard so far this year!

Beck recently went down a storm at the Homelands gig, especially with his mixture of dance, rock and hip hop crossovers from previous records!

Beck will be performing all over Europe this year, but make sure all you Italians check him out at the delicious Cornetto Festival in Italy on 19th June!

Candice Finney