Bebe Rexha loves to experiment with ''different'' makeup looks.

The 30-year-old singer has revealed she loves nothing more than trying out new looks when it comes to makeup, and isn't afraid to use bold colours on her face to create striking styles.

During a video for Vogue, Bebe showed fans how to replicate a blue eyeshadow look, and said: ''I think sometimes it's just fun to do something different.''

And Bebe also loves how easy it is to ''fix'' any mistakes she makes.

She added: ''I'm just going to go in a press [the eyeshadow] in. Just like vibes, just feel it out, like what feels good, you know? Because we can always go back. The one thing I love about makeup is that you can go back and fix anything.''

The 'Say My Name' hitmaker admits she often makes changes to her look because she's a ''perfectionist'', and always wants her finished look to be flawless.

She said: ''I'll do my makeup, but then I'll come back like 8,000 times. I'm a perfectionist.''

Bebe's makeup inspirations are constantly changing, but she says she's currently a fan of David Bowie's iconic look, which features a lightning bolt across one eye.

The 'Meant to Be' singer said: ''I lately have been super into David Bowie's makeup and how he did the lightning bolt on his face, but mixed with modern touches.''

During the video - in which Bebe also ran through her skincare routine - the singer said she loves how ''big'' her eyes are, despite the feature making her ''cry'' when she was younger.

She said: ''People tell me my eyes are really big. When I was little I used to cry all the time because people would say 'You have big eyes'. And they would call me Wednesday Adams because I had the dark black hair.''