Abbey Road Studios Launches Online Mixing Service

Abbey Road Studios Launches Online Mixing Service

Abbey Road Studios is synonymous with recording excellence, having worked with some of the world's greatest artists including The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Oasis, Lady GaGa and Florence + the Machine. This year marks their 80th anniversary, celebrating their rich heritage of being one of the leading recording studios the world over. While there's no denying the extensive wealth of musical history the studio has produced over the years, Abbey Road Studios is keen to continue looking to the future and working to embrace and develop new artists and technology.

Abbey Road Studios are now proud to announce their Online Mixing service. Launched in August, the service offers you the opportunity to have your music mixed at the world's most famous recording studios, by Abbey Road Studios' award winning engineers.

The Online Mixing service offers a more accessible alternative to working personally at Abbey Road Studios, while still providing the opportunity to tap into their unrivalled range of equipment and skilled engineers. Simply upload your music to the dedicated online mixing website, and they will take care of the rest.

Coupled with the introduction of their Online Mastering service last year, Abbey Road Studios has provided a solution and one stop shop for musicians and producers worldwide.

For more information and pricing on Abbey Road Studios' Online Mixing service please visit the link below