A woman who served as a personal assistant to The Beatles during their heyday is to lift the lid on her time with the band for a new film.
Freda Kelly was the group's secretary from 1962 and worked alongside the Fab Four throughout Beatlemania and their later years after they retired from touring.
Now she is set to recount her favourite memories of the era for new documentary Good Ol' Freda, in which she reveals she was once sacked by John Lennon for spending too much time with rival British band The Moody Blues.
Kelly says, "When I got back to The Beatles' dressing room, John said: 'If you'd rather be with The Moody Blues then go help them. You're fired!' I thought he was joking - it seemed he was - but the next day he sacked me for real!
"I talked to the other three and they said: 'Oh no Freda, we still want you', so then John had to grovel a bit but he got me back."
But Kelly is adamant the Fab Four's biggest secrets are safe with her, adding: "I have my 1963 diary. But no one is ever going to see that."