The Beatles' iconic rooftop show is being made available on streaming platforms.

The legendary gig was staged on top of Apple Corps’ headquarters in London in 1969 and marked the band's final public performance.

'The Beatles: Get Back - The Rooftop Performance' will be available on Spotify, Apple Music and other major streaming platforms at 5am GMT on Friday (28.01.22).

The production has been mixed in stereo and Dolby Atmos for the first time ever by Giles Martin and Sam Okell.

Footage of the legendary concert featured in Peter Jackson’s recent documentary, 'The Beatles: Get Back', and the gig on Savile Row in London is widely regarded as one of the most famous musical moments of all time.

George Harrison - who passed away in November 2001, aged 58 - described the unique concert as a "nice little social study".

The musician - who starred in the band alongside Sir Paul McCartney, John Lennon and Sir Ringo Starr - said: "We went on the roof in order to resolve the live concert idea, because it was much simpler than going anywhere else; also nobody had ever done that, so it would be interesting to see what happened when we started playing up there. It was a nice little social study.

"We set up a camera in the Apple reception area, behind a window so nobody could see it, and we filmed people coming in. The police and everybody came in saying, ‘You can’t do that! You’ve got to stop.’"

The band also considered playing the gig at some other venues, according to Ringo.

He shared: "There was a plan to play live somewhere. We were wondering where we could go - ‘Oh, the Palladium or the Sahara.’ But we would have had to take all the stuff, so we decided, ‘Let’s get up on the roof.'"