Of all the unsung heroes during The Beatles reign as pop kings, none of them are more unsung that Freda Kelly: assistant to the legendary Liverpool band for 9 years.

Always graceful and loyal, Kelly never ‘sold’ her story; she never released intimate truths to the public. Now a film celebrating her work with the band has been handed it’s debut at SXSW. Such was Freda’s affection with the band, Ryan White – the director of the documentary – was granted use of four original Beatles songs to use in the piece. “That was amazing,” Freda told The Hollywood Reporter of the gesture. “To be quite truthful I felt positive but also negative. I’m usually quite cautious and didn’t know which way that was going to swing. I got a lump in my throat when I found out and I’m not an emotional person.” Before the film was given it’s premiere last night (Sat, 9), the film’s star explained how she was feeling. “All this is just starting to hit home with me,” Freda confessed. “I’ve always played things low-key and I’m now getting adjusted to it. I suppose my side of things should go down in history, for Beatle fans.” Kelly took control of The Beatles fan club, which, probably not to her knowledge, would turn out to be a huge undertaking. Especially considering she gave her home address for sending fan mail.

"She would go over the Beatles' houses and bring sacks and sacks of fan mail and make them sign it while they were watching television," White explained "Or she'd take a pillowcase over to Ringo's house and make him sleep on it and sign it ... Things like that just don't happen anymore."