Former Beatles manager Brian Epstein engaged in homosexual acts with one member of the legendary band - the gay pop mogul's ex-aide claims in a sensational new book.

Joanne Peterson is working on THERE'S A BEATLE IN MY CLOSET, which will expose "revelations of intimacy" with at least one of the Fab Four, but she refuses to reveal which member.

Epstein, found dead by his devoted assistant after an overdose in 1967, was tormented by inner demons and had a hopeless crush on John Lennon, leading many to conclude the mystery lover was the IMAGINE star.

The 61-year-old explains, "I didn't tell people I worked for Brian because I didn't want to spend my time talking about the whole thing. But I was persuaded to talk at a Beatles convention a few years ago.

"Afterwards, people kept saying, 'That was fabulous - we'd love to read about this. Now I'm not far from finishing the book."

19/04/2005 13:41