The Beatles were convinced they would flop when they first performed in the U.S. as George Harrison had discovered they were unknown in the States.

The Fab Four became global international stars when their arrival in New York in early 1964 was greeted by iconic scenes of 'Beatlemania' as thousands of screaming girls lined up to welcome them.

Film footage of the historic moment, and the hysteria that accompanied them on their subsequent jaunt around the States, cemented their fame, but now Ringo Starr has revealed they were not confident of success when they first set off from the U.K.

Guitarist Harrison had recently returned from a trip to America to see his sister, and he reported back to his bandmates that The Beatles were unknown and their upcoming promotional trip would be a struggle.

Starr tells, "George came out here to America because his sister lived here, and he came back saying, 'Oh it's going to be tough, lads - they don't know us'. Because he was going in record stores saying, 'Have you got so-and-so by The Beatles?' (and they would reply) 'Never heard of them'... By the time we got to (the U.S.) we had a number one... so it was busy when we landed!"