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Beatles Love Album

Let's face it - there's not a Beatles album that, were it to be released by a new band today, wouldn't be an album of the year. So, this is a somewhat remarkable event - a 'new' album, conceived for Cirque du Soleil, which mashes up pieces of Beatles songs to make new songs.

While that may sound contrived and somewhat disturbing, the initial 'spot the song' game quickly vanishes, and instead what you are left doing is thinking just how remarkable The Beatles were all over again.

This process shines new light into old windows and what that reveals is still great. George Martin was clearly the proper fifth Beatle, and certainly the only one who could still be trusted to treat the material properly. The material is revitalised wholly by this treatment - this is an experiment that has succeeded completely, made even better by not using the obvious hits. Excellent.


Mike Rea