Review of Distractions Album by Beardyman

Beardyman is an absolute legend in the world of beatboxing, achieving a level of success pretty much unmatched in the mainstream circuit by anyone else in the scene. 'Distractions' is his latest studio album, and it's an interesting and innovative listen from start to finish. It was produced using the Beardytron 5000 mkIII, designed by the man himself, which enables live recording and mixing. The result isn't pretentious or over the top however, it is in fact a thoroughly enjoyable experience, showing that Beardyman isn't a one trick pony, and his journey into the more leftfield, glitchy electronic setting is successful and engaging.

Beardyman Distractions Album

'Distractions' gets under way with 'A Cheerful And Sunny Disposition'. The punchy kick, swelling bass and glitchy, yet somewhat jazzy synth lines instantly capture your attention, and the electronic vocal is hypnotic with a maturity about it. The dreamy electric guitar at the start of 'Getting There' is great, and the four to the floor kick drum, vocal textures and intensifying guitar parts make this a standout feature. This track really shows Beardyman's growth and maturity in that it possesses a pretty catchy feel, whilst still remaining edgy and respectable. This continues on 'You Only Like What You Know', where the trendy atmospheric synth lines and memorable hook wouldn't sound out of place on an indie band's single. This album might not be what you were expecting when you saw the name Beardyman on the sleeve, but it shows his growth and musical capabilities in abundance.

The chilled out 'Perfect Waste Of Time' is another highlight of the album; the spacey kick and snare combined with an orchestral soundscape creates a captivating listen. The phased acoustic guitar that starts 'I Will Never Win' is a solid backbone to the track, and as it shifts to a cleaner sound, the high production value of this album becomes increasingly evident. With a laid-back and understated drum beat, as well as excellent use of synth pads, backing vocals and a spacey lead, this is a track for you to throw on, chill out and take in; it's a well structured and well delivered cut from a truly diverse album. The house influenced 'Mountain Side' is another excellent track, with intricate and cutting guitar lines complimenting the dreamy vocals and muffled kick drum.

'Distractions' is a consistently mature and diverse electronica album, and Beardyman really shows his growth on this record. It's well produced and well crafted, with tracks that really sound like they could make some real impact, with Beardyman keeping his integrity in tact at the same time. This is a forward thinking record; there are swelling basslines, punchy drums, well placed glitchiness and atmospheric vocals, and they combine to make a truly enjoyable album.


Sam Bennett

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