LATEST: Rapper Beanie Sigel has been acquitted on attempted murder charges.

The hip-hop star, whose re-trial began only a few weeks after his release from federal prison on an unrelated charge, was today (26SEP05) cleared by a jury of shooting TERRANCE SPELLER repeatedly during a dispute outside a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania strip club in July 2003.

A jury deadlocked on the charges in April 2004.

Sigel, real name DWIGHT GRANT, left federal prison last month (AUG05) after serving nearly a year on a federal weapons charge that stemmed from a 2002 traffic stop in Philadelphia. He faces another city trial for allegedly breaking a man's eye socket during a January 2003 argument.

Speller testified that he first told police he was shot during a robbery, but a day later told family and police Sigel shot him. He said he was initially afraid to tell the truth.