Beacons Festival, now named Beacons Metro, had the small home of Skipton until it set its sights on bigger and better places. As of 2015, it will move to Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool, and host an array of events including film, music, art, and food. 

Beacons Metro 2015 logo

Beacons Metro spokesman Simon Stevens said, 'Beacons Festival will bidding farewell to the green fields and valleys of the Yorkshire Dales to take up a series of exciting residencies in Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool'. Lots of thought and consideration has obviously gone into the decision to move the festival, but ultimately the choice was a brilliant one, as the three cities are three of Northern Englang's most vibrant and creative cities. They are perfect for Beacons Metro festival.

It was a roaring success in 2014, but the vast amount of feedback slating the traditional camping costs caused Beacons Metro owners to consider moving it, making it instantly more accessible, with it being held in much more spacious and interesting places to suit a wider audience. 

The festival will kick start in Leeds City Centre in October 2015. It is being held in a 3 storey former textile mill in the city centre; the vast space being transformed into an establishment of the best music, film, food and art the world has to offer. In Manchester and Liverpool, the same amazing events will take place in some equally impressive venues.

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Due to the festival's unique popularity, a huge variety of brands and partners have been eager to collaborate in order to provide as much fun as possible. Of course, many have already purchased early bird passes for the what they thought would be another round of Skipton camaraderie. 'We have already contacted all customers and will be arranging full refunds as soon as possible', Stevens added.

'The team would also like to thank everyone who's attended Beacons Festival in it's various guises over the past years, we hope you're as excited as we are about our plans for 2015!'