Review of Used To Be Single by Beach House

Single review of Used To Be by Beach House.

Beach House Used To Be Single

Those cats at Bella Union just love to spoil us. Not content with giving a UK release to Fleet Foxes' brilliant debut album of baroque folk genius, they also play host to Baltimore duo Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand, collectively known as Beach House.

Beloved of Pitchfork and drawing an ever widening circle of admirers, Scally and Legrand have chosen to ignore their magical second album Devotion and have instead produced another original gem of hazy, classic dream pop. With little more than a tambourine, a ton of reverb and a burbling synth or two, Used To Be is almost nursery rhyme perfection, having all the melodic beguilement of the label's founders, indie haze/art pioneers the Cocteau Twins. It's what Jack and Meg would probably sound like if they'd grown up on Buffalo Springfield and Stereolab. Explore - there's nothing to be afraid of.

Andy Peterson

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