Review of Get Awkward Album by Be Your Own Pet

Album review of Get Awkward by Be Your Own Pet

Be Your Own Pet Get Awkward Album

Make no mistake, the Nashville based quartet Be Your Own Pet's 2nd long player Get Awkward is a 'big' sounding record - fifteen songs with hardly a pause for breath.

With lyrics that adhere to sex, drugs and parties, raging distorted guitar, frenetic drums and the sleazy Americana teen-like vocals from Jemina Pearl, Get Awkward is a rampant nu-punk rock adventure with bundles of attitude and energy.

Get Awkward's likely appeal to a teen audience shouldn't be dismissed as just that, because unlike the majority of nu-punk outfits they make music that is fresh, vigorous, gritty and most importantly, completely believable.

Not one for the faint-hearted, Be Your Own Pet's latest effort is a relentlessly enjoyable ride. Highly recommended.


Colin Burrill

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