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BC Camplight

BC Camplight Hide Album

Hide, Run Away
Album Review

From the unknown BC Camplight comes this delightful and refreshing album. Opening track Couldn't You Tell, is like Andy Williams meets badly drawn boy and divine comedy. This track caught my attention immediately and the rest of the album does not disappoint. BC or Brian Christinzio to his mates has produced an unforgettable debut album. A delightful plethora of music on one album, with some risqué and strange songs such as Emily's Dead to Me, Parapleejo and Blood and Peanuts to name a few. This is a must for fans of Badly Drawn Boy and Belle and Sebastian, its melodic and kooky.

Best track on the album has got to be the title track Hide, Run Away; this lets you hear just how good a voice he has. This is lounge music for us 90s kids, but in a very good way! Finishing track Sleep With Your Lights On may well sound like a smiths song but don't get the razor blades to slit your wrists right away, although not as upbeat as some of the other tracks on the album, this is still a great number. I would recommended this to all fans of Mr Drawn Boy and the fantastic Belle and Sebastian. BC Camplight may not yet be in the same league as these other great artists yet but if this is what he can produce as a debut album then it will not be long until he gets the credit he truly deserves.

Joanne Nugent

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