Baywatch star Alexandra Paul is determined to put her harassment hell behind her after a Los Angeles judge shut down an obsessed fan's request for a permanent restraining order against the actress.

Paul has been locked in a legal dispute with Nicole Albrecht since 2011 amid allegations the German national had been waiting outside her home, leaving unwanted gifts at her house and following her to a local pool.

Both parties recently managed to obtain protective orders against one another, and Paul's request to have the ban made permanent was granted last month (Nov13), preventing Albrecht from contacting or going within 100 feet (30 metres) of the star and her husband, Ian Murray, until 2016.

The woman tried to have her restraining order extended for three years too, but her case was thrown out of court on Friday (06Dec13).

Speaking after the hearing, a relieved Paul tells, "Miss Albrecht continues to want to be in our lives. Luckily the judge has just dismissed her case as frivolous so hopefully we're done with this and she will stay away from us as we've been wanting (her) to...

"Nicole Albrecht needs to stay away from us. We've never wanted to have any disharmony in our lives so we're glad the courts have understood our point of view and realise that we were in the right."