Three of the Rollers original line-up - MCKeown, Alan Longmuir and Stuart Wood - have announced plans to reunite for an upcoming tour and album, with bandmate Eric Faulkner likely to join them.

The get together comes almost 40 years after the band's most famous line-up split acrimoniously when MCKeown quit, and now the singer insists he's ready for a blast from the past after spending time in rehabilitation for alcohol abuse.

The Bye Bye Baby hitmaker tells U.K. TV show This Morning, "We've been working towards this point for the last 18 months really, unbeknownst to anyone else and slowly gravitating towards each other.

"I had this problem years ago with alcohol and I went through a lot of rehabilitation and I learned a lot of techniques how to heal wounds and stuff like that, so I reached out to Allan and Woody and Eric and they've responded positively to me and to each other."