Former Bay City Rollers founder Gordon Clark and bandmates Ian Mitchell and Pat Mcglynn have learned they will not profit from an ongoing legal battle between the band and Arista Records bosses.

The trio sued as part of a dispute between the Bye Bye Baby hitmakers and the record label executives, which was launched in 2007, but lawmakers in an appellate court have dismissed their claims that they're entitled to a share of any potential royalties from movie licensing, digital downloads and ringtones.

Brothers Alan and Derek Longmuir, who formed the Bay City Rollers with Clark in the mid-1960s, Eric Faulkner, Duncan Faure, Leslie MCKeown and Stuart Wood are still in court attempting to win a share of unpaid royalties after a judge allowed the case to move forward in a partial summary judgment victory for the bandmates in 2011.

Clark, Mitchell and MCGlynn attempted to sue the six plaintiffs and Arista for declaratory relief over anticipatory breach of contract and unjust enrichment.