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Battles Mirrored Album

Some music is clearly meant to be easy to digest, but Mirrored is not. Battles are a four-piece band from New York who make the most infuriatingly intellectually addictive genre-bending noise possible. Comparing it to anything that didn't include Beefheart and Yes wouldn't even hint at the music within. Almost an album of two halves, the first is prog rock with wit, but razor-sharp modern, in its beats and its boldness. The second is all over the place, but in the best way possible.

There is a lot of talk about Marmite bands these days, and there is no doubt that Battles will divide opinion with a sharpened axe. But if the hypnotic infection that comes with hearing Atlas doesn't get you, with its cartoon vocals and everything, then it may just be that music's not your thing. The prog rock is the principal ingredient, but that genre could be full of King Crimson invention and crunching rock when it wanted to be too. Battles have promised something big for a while, and have delivered in spades. Mirrored is a glorious experience if you'll let yourself slide into whatever it is they're doing.


Mike Rea

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