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Battle Of Land and Sea
Battle of Land and Sea
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Battle Of Land and Sea Battle of Land and Sea Album

It is hard to miss comparisons to artists like Cat Power and Mazzy Star on this debut from Sarah O'Shura. However, where Cat Power's Jukebox disappointed, and Mazzy Star has done little to note for a decade or so, Battle of Land and Sea is a delight. As light as sea mist, the music flows in and ebbs away gently, the voice like clear mountain spring water over hushed instrumentation. Produced and recorded by rising star Jacob Golden, this short album is one that genuinely has you wanting more - if Cat Power had made this disc, the world's critics would have gone into meltdown. There is contemplative mystery, sweet melody and a gossamer touch at turns - it has the air of the Cowboy Junkies' Trinity Sessions in its atmospherics. Beauty is an overused word in relation to music, but it is unavoidable here - the sense of three dimensionality is absorbing. It is hard not to fall 'within' a song like Lady, to not feel held up in its soft chorus. It is rare to suggest that a record like this could only be improved by being longer, but Sarah O'Shura's next work will be awaited with massive interest.

Rating 9/10

Mike Rea

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