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28th February 2014

Fact: A road-worthy edition of the Batmobile featured in Batman Begins is up for sale for $1 million (£625,000). The version of the Tumbler, driven by Christian Bale's character in the 2005 movie, is being sold through luxury website

11th February 2014

Fact: Producers for the Batman prequel Tv series have cast the roles for villain Penguin and butler Alfred Pennyworth. Robin Lord Taylor will play Oswald Cobblepot, The Penguin, and Sean Pertwee will star as Pennyworth.

9th October 2012

Fact: The new big screen Lone Ranger is in talks to take on another masked hero - Armie Hammer has been linked to Batman. The Social Network star is on Warner Bros. executives' radar to play the Caped Crusader in the Justice League movie, according to

11th July 2012

Quote: "It's serial numbered and your name is watermarked (on) each copy... and the pages are red, so you can't photocopy them... They do the same thing with Harry Potter, yet everyone's read the books." Gary Oldman on the efforts taken to keep the Batman and Harry Potter scripts from leaking.

19th November 2010

Fact: A copy of Batman's comic debut sold for $492,937 (£329,000) at an auction in Texas on Thursday (18Nov10). Robert Irwin, 84, purchased the comic book in 1939 for 10 cents when he was aged 13.

17th November 2010

Fact: Batman BEGINS and The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan is to be honoured with the first Visionary Award at the Visual Effects Society Awards in January (11).

15th November 2010

Fact: Batman star Michael Keaton has signed a multi-venture deal with U.S. cable network HBO, encompassing a series of projects in which the actor will star, direct and executive produce.

31st August 2010

Fact: Batman superfans can now buy a replica of the Batmobile made from the original moulds from Batman Begins. Only 500 of the keepsakes have been made. Each one will cost $2,000 (GBP1,330).

19th April 2010

Quote: "Time marches on. You still want to look good, but there's a line between looking like yourself and like a character from a Batman movie." Actress Lisa Kudrow, 46, is afraid of anti-ageing treatments with dramatic results.

11th February 2010

Fact: Batman stars Burt Ward and Adam West have reteamed for an upcoming episode of cartoon series Spongebob Squarepants - to voice animated heroes Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy. The TV partners will voice the younger heroes in a flashback sequence; Ernest Borgnine and Tim Conway will portray the pair as aged sidekicks.

10th December 2009

Quote: "I want to see Catwoman. I have (a casting) idea, but it's just an idea and I'm going to keep it to myself." The Dark Knight star Morgan Freeman wants to see the feline villain resurrected for the next Batman film.

19th November 2009

Quote: "I watch it from time to time and it's a great lesson in humility. It was a really bad film." George Clooney on playing Batman in BATMAN & ROBIN.

11th November 2009

Quote: "My little guy, Finn, who is three... he's just adamant that's not me. I can't convince him that it's actually me. I actually have the costume. It's, like, in this crate. I could rock his world." CHRIS O'DONNELL considers making his son's year by proving he's ROBIN in his favourite film, Batman & ROBIN.

3rd November 2009

Fact: A Texas Batman fan has put an exact replica of Adam West's Batmobile up for auction online. Fred Grout fashioned a rear fire-spitting jet and red bat hubcaps on the frame of a 1970 Lincoln Continental but has so far refused a bid of $30,152 (£18,845) on

29th July 2009

Quote: "I had a great time when I was young and still feel youthful. But I've no desire still to look as if in my 20s. I don't want to look in the mirror and see The Joker from Batman staring back." Kim Cattrall prefers to look natural rather than undergo any plastic surgery.

25th May 2009

Quote: "There was one night we looked up and the clouds were glistening and I swear to God, it was like the Batman signal was being beamed into the sky. I pointed this out to Christian and he said, 'Excuse me, Miss, but I'm going to have to leave for a second.'" Christian Bale is happy to joke about his BATMAN alter-ego, according to his TERMINATOR SALVATION co-star Bryce Dallas Howard.

8th May 2009

Quote: "I don't watch many movies." Batman star Christian Bale doesn't like to take his work home.

6th May 2009

Quote: "I'm thinking I could be the next Catwoman." Rapper LIL' KIM dreams of romancing Batman on the big screen.

28th April 2009

Quote: "I've always had a thing for Catwoman. Michelle Pfeiffer or Halle Berry in tight leather pants, with the boots - I'm pretty good with either one." Denis Leary revels his fascination with the actresses who've played the feline Batman villain.

4th April 2009

Fact: Irish actor Cillian Murphy is reteaming with his Batman BEGINS director Christopher Nolan for new movie INCEPTION. Leonardo Dicaprio has already been signed up for the sci-fi film; he will be joined by Murphy, Marion Cotillard and Ellen Page when shooting begins this summer (09).

1st April 2009

Quote: "I'd absolutely love to go into movies. GOSSIP GIRL is a very good platform for everyone on the show. If I could play anyone it'd probably be Batman." Chace Crawford wants to step into Christian Bale's role.

22nd February 2009

Fact: The Dark Knight's eight Oscar nomination haul is one more than all the other Batman films put together - the five Caped Crusader movies since 1989 have only managed seven nominations.

18th February 2009

Quote: "We fly straight to Australia after the Brits, which is crazy. At least weve had a chance to watch Batman in The Dark Knight a few times on flights. Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

11th December 2008

Fact: Miley Cyrus, Madonna and Batman movie THE DARK KNIGHT were among the most sought-after items on auction website in 2008.

16th October 2008

Fact: A far-reaching new Conde Nast study has determined James Bond has generated almost $14 billion (GBP7.6 billion) from books, movies and video games since his 1953 debut. The figure makes 007 one of the most lucrative fictional characters in history, ahead of both Harry Potter and Batman.

28th September 2008

Quote: "I would spend hours training with actual guns to prepare me for this stuff. It was very intense. Our workout regimens were so rigorous that most of us would vomit." Actor ARMIE HAMMER hopes all the work he put in to play Batman in the stalled JUSTICE LEAGUE MORTAL pays off.

12th September 2008

Quote: "I mean, if you break The Dark Knight down, it's vigilantism. You're talking about a guy who takes the law into his own hands and (uses) extraordinary means to control crime in the city." Aaron Eckhart believes Batman is a misunderstood character.

4th September 2008

Quote: "I've heard Angelina Jolie really wants to do CATWOMAN; I think that's a fantastic idea. I'll be a happy audience member this time." THE DARK KNIGHT star Aaron Eckhart wants to see Jolie as the feline Batman villain.

30th July 2008

Quote: "I would love to see who fills the car with petrol. And I would love to know who cleans the pools of nut-sack sweat from the Bat Suit. Does Alfred (Batman's butler) have little towels?" Oddball filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro ponders the more intricate details of the BATMAN movie franchise.

24th July 2008

Quote: "I'm terrible with gadgets. I touch one and it breaks! I'm completely behind in terms of the 21st century. I do love motorbikes though. That's the one thing. I tend to break them as well but I enjoy them right up until I break them!" Batman star Christian Bale isn't too good with new toys.

24th July 2008

Fact: Batman BEGINS sequel THE DARK KNIGHT has scored another box office record in America, becoming the first film to crash through the $200 million (GBP100 million) barrier in just five days.

20th July 2008

Quote: "She loves HEATH (LEDGER) as the Joker. She wants the Joker to come and visit us all the time." Christian Bale admits his daughter is a big fan of Batman's villainous foe.

16th July 2008

Quote: "When he was in that suit, sweat would just drip off of him. He would stand and there was like a puddle." Morgan Freeman had no desire to try on Christian Bale's rubber Batman costume on the set of THE DARK KNIGHT.

15th July 2008

Quote: "I watched the TV show when I was a kid. I had a Batman utility belt. My mother had a white 60s belt and I stuck cigarette packets to it and painted it yellow." Gary Oldman, who plays Lieutenant James Gordon in the new BATMAN film, THE DARK KNIGHT, has quite a history with the Caped Crusader.

14th July 2008

Quote: "I wouldn't want to be the actor who follows that. My guess is that they won't." Gary Oldman is convinced no one will portray Batman villain THE JOKER after late co-star Heath Ledger's acclaimed performance.

8th July 2008

Quote: "Before we were involved, the Batman franchise had gone to pot - everyone knows that. And to be honest, when we took it on, it was a big gamble; an awful lot of people thought we were destined for failure." BATMAN BEGINS star Christian Bale is proud to have helped revive the Batman formula.

1st July 2008

Quote: "HEATH and I had to wear hoods over our heads and go out in public looking like friars. I think it's more interesting for the people on the street to see two hooded figures kind of gliding across the city square." Aaron Eckhart on the lengths he and late co-star Heath Ledger took to protect their alter-egos in the new Batman film, THE DARK KNIGHT.

21st June 2008

Quote: "The trailer looks pretty good; certainly looks better than Batman + ROBIN!" One-time Robin CHRIS O'DONNELL likes the look of the new Batman film THE DARK KNIGHT.

11th June 2008

Quote: "I'm really a frustrated musician. Give me a mic (microphone), or even better, a karaoke machine, and I'm there." Batman BEGINS actor Cillian Murphy reveals his hidden talents.

9th June 2008

Quote: "I'm not sure I'll do another. They're tricky. It's difficult naming third movies that are any good." THE DARK KNIGHT director Christopher Nolan casts doubt over working on another Batman film.

24th May 2008

Quote: "I love Christian Bale; he's very handsome." Donald Trump's daughter IVANKA has a celebrity crush on Batman.

28th February 2008

Fact: Batman BEGINS director Christopher Nolan will collect the Director Of The Year award at the movie industry's ShoWest Convention in Las Vegas on 13 March (08).

25th February 2008

Quote: "George Clooney... the seriousness and dedication to your art, seeing you climb into that rubber batsuit, from Batman + ROBIN the one with the nipples - every morning under your costume... hanging upside down at lunch, you rock man." Best Supporting Actress winner Tilda Swinton jokes about working with her Michael Clayton co-star, a former Batman, during her Oscars acceptance speech.

21st January 2008

Fact: Boyzone star Stephen Gately has hired Batman actor Christian Bale's personal trainer to help him get in shape for the Irish boy-band's forthcoming reunion tour.

17th January 2008

Fact: Batman BEGINS villain Cillian Murphy is to star in rising star Feist's new video for THE WATER.

23rd November 2007

Quote: "Let me just say, whichever superhero first came up with the idea of wearing a cape, he wasn't really on to anything good. The number of times I've trod on that damn thing, or I throw a punch and it ends up covering my whole head. It's really not practical for a superhero." Batman BEGINS star Christian Bale on the difficulties of being the caped crusader.

1st November 2007

Fact: POSH SPICE VICTORIA BECKHAM's sons ROMEO, CRUZ and BROOKLYN hit the streets of Beverly Hills all dressed as Batman for their first U.S. Halloween trick or treat on Wednesday night (31Oct07).

17th October 2007

Quote: "He wants to be Batman and he wants the Batman costume that comes in the mail... It has fake muscles in it, which is very disconcerting on a four-year-old." Matthew Broderick on his son JAMES WILKE's Halloween outfit plans.

10th October 2007

Quote: "He is extraordinary and you're gonna get the shock of your life when he comes on screen. It'll scare the daylights out of you." SIR Michael Caine has great expectations of Heath Ledger as THE JOKER in Batman BEGINS sequel THE DARK KNIGHT.

13th September 2007

Quote: "It would have been great because everyone knows that THE JOKER is French." Actor Vincent Cassell jokes about rumours he was a front runner to play The Joker in Batman BEGINS sequel THE DARK KNIGHT.

1st August 2007

Quote: "My son was so proud to wear a Batman + Robin T-shirt to the hardware store the other day, and I was like, 'Holy s**t! Take that thing off! Don't remind me!'" Actor CHRIS O'DONNELL is trying to forget his role in 1997's BATMAN + ROBIN.

16th June 2007

Fact: Christian Bale's new Batman suit for upcoming sequel THE DARK KNIGHT is made of 200 individual pieces of rubber, fibreglass and metallic and nylon mesh.

23rd October 2006

Quote: "Heath is a fearless performer, and that's exactly what I need in taking on a massive icon like THE JOKER." Film-maker Christopher Nolan reveals why he picked Brokeback Mountain star Heath Ledger to play the wise-cracking villain in Batman BEGINS sequel THE DARK NIGHT.

26th September 2006

Quote: "The last time I was on a podium with the Governor, he was playing MR FREEZE and I was Batman. He's gone on to be the Governor and I still think I'm Batman." George Clooney lightens proceedings at a press conference to announce that he and Arnold Schwarzenegger are teaming up to launch a new initiative to halt the genocide in the Sudan.

12th June 2006

Quote: "The last seven (films) I just showed up as Batman, regardless: 'I object your honour,' and I'm standing up with those little ears." Michael Keaton jokes about his continuing role in BATMAN. He played the Dark Knight in the first BATMAN film.

11th June 2006

Quote: "I want to thank him for getting rid of those bloody nipples." Christian Bale is grateful to Batman BEGINS director Christopher Nolan for giving his batsuit a makeover.

31st January 2006

Fact: <p>THE LORD OF THE RINGS star Andy Serkis is set to go from playing King Kong to David Bowie's assistant in Batman BEGINS director Christopher Nolan's new movie THE PRESTIGE. </p>

21st December 2005

Quote: <p>"My life hasn't changed that much since Batman BEGINS, except when I'm at the supermarket the cashier goes, 'You're, you're... him,' while I'm buying Huggies (nappies)." Christian Bale. </p>

6th December 2005

Quote: <p>"I think I've done my quote of bad guys. No more f**king baddies 'cause I'm the least likely villain." Actor Cillian Murphy has had enough of bag guy roles in movies like Batman BEGINS and Red Eye. </p>


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