San Francisco had its very own miniature caped crusader yesterday (15th November) when the Make-A-Wish Foundation helped one little boy's dreams come true. Batkid, known to his friends and family as Miles Scott, dressed as the famous superhero and travelled around his very own Gotham City, saving it from the likes of the Riddler and the Penguin.

The Penguin
Miles found himself up against one of Batman's greatest enemies - The Penguin.

5-year-old Miles has been battling with leukaemia since he was 18 months old and has finally gone into remission following years of treatment, as the NY Daily Times reports. Miles finished his treatment in June but it is uncertain if his cancer will return or not.  

Miles is obsessed with superheroes, especially Batman, and was given the opportunity by thousands of San Francisco volunteers to be a superhero for the day. 

Miles' father, Nick Scott, believes his son's belief in superheroes and their ability to overcome any obstacle is one of the reasons his son is so strong. Nick said "Miles has always been a fighter. He fought through cancer and he beat that. I think it goes hand in hand that he's a fan of Batman and superheroes, as well." Miles' mother, Natalie Scott, felt her son was a superhero for beating "an awful disease."

Whilst in hospital, Miles was asked by the Make-A-Wish Foundation what he wanted more than anything in the world and the 5-year-old responded with "I wish to be Batkid."

Miles got his wish and defeated a number of dangerous foes with the help of a full sized Batman; his younger brother dressed as Robin; and an estimated 12000 fans who packed the streets of San Francisco to see their hero. 

The police force were also involved in crowd control and escorting Miles around the city. In keeping with the Gotham theme, their bikes were decorated with traditional comic book 'Kapows' and 'Zaps'. Yet the police were not the only officials involved in the event, when Miles captured the Riddler and the Penguin, the Justice Department issued a special indictment. The indictment accused the villains of "performing all kinds of mayhem in Gotham, San Francisco, and parts unknown for an indefinite period of time." It continued by promising the villains would be locked up for 24 years, but were allowed to appeal. The indictment finished promising they would never get away with their dastardly deeds "as long as Miles, aka 'Batman,' aka 'Batkid' is looking out for the citizens of Gotham."

The event was discussed on social networks worldwide and the crowd in San Francisco, as the news spread, swelled to thousands all cheering Batkid on. President Barack Obama even sent Miles a video, cheering Batkid on! Twitter images on this page are from the Make-A-Wish Bay Area's profile.

The day began when San Francisco's Police Chief gave a special televised appearance asking if anyone knew the location of Batkid, apparently Riddler and Penguin were on the loose causing mayhem throughout the city. 

Batkid set off in two Lamborghinis, done up like Batmobiles and headed into the city. Their first stop was rescuing a damsel in distress who was attached to a bomb; Batkid had to disable it whilst 500 people looked on. He was successful and the lady freed!

Meanwhile, downtown the Riddler was robbing a bank but not for long as Batkid soon had the villain thrown in the back of a police car and taken away.

After a short stop for lunch - burger and chips - a huge crowd was begging Batkid for help as the Penguin was on the loose and had captured the San Francisco Giants mascot Lou Seal. Batkid discovered the kidnapped mascot tied up and helped free him whilst the larger Batman caught the Penguin and threw him in a police van. Batkid was honoured by the Mayor and Chief of Police at San Francisco City Hall before retiring, exhausted from his day of crime fighting, to his bat cave.