You heard it right: Batman charged. The Batman’s perennial struggle with morality and the law continues as Michigan State Police arrest the controversial enforcer, reports The Petoskey News.

We jest, of course; it was in fact the so-called Petoskey Batman who has been detained for resisting and obstructing police in an investigation; Mark Wayne Williams, 33, was adorned with the Marvel character’s costume when he was arrested. “When we arrived, (Williams) was at the scene in his Batman outfit. He wouldn’t clear the scene and we had a canine out there and he kept screwing up the scent,” Sgt. Jeff Gorno said. “He said he wanted to help us look for the driver. We didn’t want the dog to track Batman instead of the accident scene and he was getting in the way of officers who had a job to do.” Williams posted bond and was released from the Emmet County Jail. Emmet County Prosecutor, Jim Linderman, said Williams was charged with one count of resisting and obstructing police in an investigation and is due back in court on October 18, 2012. The escapade could potentially land him two years in jail.

Williams has been warned: around this time last year, he was sentenced to six months probation after he pleaded guilty to resisting and obstructing a police officer. During his probation, he was not permitted to wear any costumes, including the Batman costume, but after the six months were over, it seems the Marvel-clad vigilante couldn’t help but get back to the streets to fight the good fight once more.