While Marvel and DC have been busy at work bringing every super hero character imaginable to the big screen, you can’t really go ahead and call this the golden era for superhero films without a mention of Bananaman. Luckily, though, the fruity hero is finding his way into cinemas.

Bananaman began his crime-fighting career in the comic book Nutty before transferring over to the now defunct Dandy comic. He was, essentially, a parody on the American superhero’s, using the genre’s most obvious tropes combined with a thick slap of quintessential British comedy. You can bet everything you own on a distinct lack of social consciousness a la The Dark Knight in this one. 

Eric Wimp, who turns into Bananaman every time he chomps one down, and eventually changed his name to Eric Twinge, then found his way onto the small screen alongside his trusty companion Crow. He enemies included Doctor Gloom, Skunk Woman, Captain Cream and Witchy Woman.

‘But wait’, you ask. ‘How do you know about his Bananaman movie?’ Well the guys over at Den of Geek latched on to this website, which contains nothing but the #peelthepower hashtag and a year: 2015. We reckon – and for this we’re expecting a call from the secret service – that a Bananaman movie will come out in 2015. 

Of course, this may just be a hoax. Personally, we can think of 15 unemployed males in their mid-20s who know how to write basic code. And that’s all it takes. See, given the amount of times a movie has been marketed like this, we could just buy a domain for… Contactmusicthemove.com, and put a date on it, then everyone would go mental. They wouldn’t. But do you get the point?