Natasha Khan accidently flashed her bum to the audience at her Los Angeles show.

The 33-year-old singer - known by her stage name as Bat For Lashes - showed a little more than she anticipated during an energetic performance in the American hotspot.

She told Q magazine: ''I did a show in LA recently and was swishing about in this beautiful skirt. It swirled around so vigorously that it almost ended up above my head. Basically I showed everyone in the audience my pants.''

The star was ''overwhelmed'' when she saw the cover of her third studio album 'The Haunted Man' - which contains a naked image of her carrying a man whose arms and legs cover her modesty - on underground posters.

She explained: ''Do I feel naked in record shops thanks to my last album cover? I was slightly overwhelmed when it came out and there were these massive posters on the underground of me completely starkers. I just thought, 'Wow!' ''

However, she isn't too shy about stripping down as she enjoys taking a dip in the sea without any clothes on.

Quizzed on the last time she was naked in public, she said: ''When I went down to Devon [south England], swam in a lake and got my kit off. I like to do that in lkaes and the sea whenever possible.''