Bastille's Chris Wood believes music is an ''important'' in everyone's lives.

The band's 31-year-old drummer has urged schools to put more emphasis on teaching music in schools because he thinks it plays a vital part in people's lives; whether a song can be a soundtrack for a momentous occasion or as a way to express one's feelings.

Speaking to the Plymouth Herald, he said: ''I'm obviously coming a very biased angle in that I pursued a career in music but I feel that the importance of creative arts cannot be underestimated.

''Music plays such an important part in people's lives whether they play it or hear it, soundtracking events in your life or being used as a means of expression.

''Songs can speak in ways about certain topics or emotions that otherwise would be hard to express.''

And the artist believes learning about songwriting and production is equally as ''relevant'' as analysing music legends tracks.

He explained: ''I feel there are massively aspirational aspects to music as well.

''Musical education in schools plays an important part in keeping musical history alive, but I feel there needs to be much a heavier slant towards contemporary music.

''Learning about songwriting and pop production is just as relevant as analysing the finer points of a Mozart symphony.''