Bastille played a secret set at Glastonbury.

The band announced the gig via Twitter and Instagram just an hour before they came onstage in the William Green tent.

They posted: ''So happy to be back at Glastonbury! We play 13.30 at William's Green if anybody's about and fancies popping down.''

Bastille - fronted by Dan Smith - started with 'Things We Lost In The Fire', and then thanked the crowd for coming to watch them perform at such short notice.

Dan announced: ''Thank you so much for coming, it's amazing to be here. We've only got 40 minutes so we're going to play as much as we can for you.''

Bastille played some tracks from their upcoming album including 'Snakes', as well as from their debut album 'Bad Blood', and the 28-year-old frontman joined fans in the crowd too, and apologised to the festival-goers once he got back onstage.

He said: ''Sorry if I stood on your feet!''

Bastille ended their set with their two biggest hits, 'Of The Night' and 'Pompeii'

Before playing their number two singles, Dan addressed the crowd and said: ''In a minute I'm going to ask you to get down so If you want to get down with me, but not in a sexy way, please do so I don't look like a dick!''

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