Bastille ''don't want to repeat'' their first album.

The band gained commercial acclaim with their debut record 'Bad Blood' but are conscious they want their second offering to be different, which they admit might not please all of their fans.

Frontman Dan Smith said: ''We don't want to kill what we have done already, we are not looking to reinvent the Bastille sound, but we don't want to repeat ourselves.

''If we don't do exactly what we did last time, we might be seen as a bit of a failure, but there is no point caring about that because there is nothing we can do about it.''

The 'Pompeii' hitmakers continued to say they have had their confidence boosted by the album's success, so have felt comfortable exploring new sounds for the band, ranging from hip hop samples to guitar-driven tunes.

He explained: ''We don't have any guitars on the first record, we very much do on the next one.

''We just wanted to wear our influences a lot more obviously. So if we were gesturing towards a hip hop beat then we sampled a hip hop beat, whereas on the first album we might have hid that a bit more.''

Despite their hectic touring schedule since the album was released in 2013, the band say they haven't stopped working in the studio and even took a record producer on the road with them so their creative juices didn't stop flowing.

Dan added to BBC Newsbeat: ''I guess there is pressure, but I think it has been really important to us to not stop making music.''