Basshunter has quit singing indefinitely.

The 'All I Ever Wanted' hitmaker has announced his latest album 'Calling Time' will be the last studio collection that will feature his vocals after deciding to take a break from lyrically performing for a while in order to focus on DJing and producing tracks for other artists.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: ''I've decided I'm not going to sing anymore. I've always seen myself as a music producer and a songwriter and you know this whole thing with being on stage singing, that was just a coincidence that it kind of led to that.

''My backbone is a DJ and right now I've met so many good vocalists, I did a couple of tracks and I let them sing on them and it's just so much more interesting when someone else is singing a song that you've written. It's just a different thing.''

The 28-year-old star - real name Jonas Altberg - admits his decision to turn his back on singing comes after completing a four-day tour in the US, which left he completely drained of energy.

He explained: ''I love DJing and also like now in the US, I was doing four shows in four days, if you're on stage singing, you're completely screwed after that. DJing doesn't drain your energy in the same way.''

Basshunter's new album 'Calling Time' is out now.