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Basement Jaxx
Crazy Itch Radio
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Basement Jaxx Crazy Itch Radio Album

The fourth album from the Brixton-based outfit Basement Jaxx, Crazy Itch Radio is a concept based on.yes; you guessed it.a radio station.

Crazy Itch Radio is a busy manifestation of disco, house, soul, r & b and electro, with Latin, flamenco and gypsy influences, catchy vocals arrangements and an array of dazzling instrumentation.

Highpoints include "Hush Boy" which is a wonderfully joyful eclectic mixture of styles. Mainly built around r & b, funk and electro with trumpet, guitar and various vocal edits, the chorus is surely one of the biggest hooks this year. "Take Me Back To Your House" features a 4/4 beat, acoustic guitar, banjo, rousing strings and the incredibly catchy vocal chorus "just take me back to your house, your house, your house" And finally, "Hey You" with it's gypsy come, flamenco structure and blasts of trumpet.

As the title suggests Crazy Itch Radio is indeed crazy (and then some more). This is Basement Jaxx at their most bold yet. If you're seeking something extraordinarily eclectic, incredibly inventive and downright danceable then this record should top your priority list.

Colin Burrill

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