Review of Raindrops Single by Basement Jaxx

Review of Basement Jaxx single Raindrops

Basement Jaxx Raindrops Single

The new single from Basement Jaxx, 'Raindrops', is quite different from the usual stuff that they put out, and I'm not sure that's a good thing.

We are used to Buxton and Ratcliffe creating heart severingly cool dance tracks with instant likeability that become dance floor classics. This track however has the feel of cheesy europop. The shimmering Cher like voice effects they have used, have not been cool since.. well, they have never been cool in my opinion.

No doubt, like the attention of a girl at ten to two in a nightclub, this track will be soaked up and loved by all the ravers in Ibiza. What it won't be though is played in the nightclubs in twelve months time or loved by the indie kids.

Rating 3/10

Pablo Roffey

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