Barry Manilow has finally recovered from his hip operation and insists he is ''back and much better''.

The 68-year-old singer blames ''years of jumping around to 'Copacabana' for the painful bursitis and torn leg muscles he suffered last December.

Speaking on UK chat show 'Lorraine' today (15.05.12), Barry said of his health: ''It's 85 to 90 per cent back, but it was a wild trip! It was really bad, it just makes me realise I've taken my health for granted all of my life.

''Don't take your health for granted you know because when it goes away you miss it and I had four months of real agony - but I'm back and I'm much better!''

The 'Mandy' singer - who has a long-term concert residency in Las Vegas - is currently touring the UK until May 23 and he insists he has no intention of slowing down, despite his advancing years.

He said: ''I can't figure out why on earth I keep doing it ... I say to myself, 'What are you doing up there?' ''

Barry enjoys passing on his years of experience to the next generation of musicians and he relished being a mentor to the hopefuls on 'American Idol' when he appeared on Simon Cowell's TV show.

He said: ''I'm as old as the hills and I've had so much experience with this world of music. I loved helping these kids.''