Actor Barry Livingston rushed to be by the side of his ailing former co-star Don Grady for his 68th birthday because he knew his pal wouldn't live for much longer.
The pair played siblings Robbie and Ernie Douglas on hit U.S. TV sitcom My Three Sons during the 1960s and they remained friends after the show wrapped.
Grady was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 and appeared to be putting up a good fight, however, Livingston reveals the actor's health took a turn for the worse just before his birthday on 8 June (12), prompting friends and family to gather for a big celebration in case it was their last chance to say goodbye.
He tells U.S. tabloid the National Enquirer, "Don Grady was not only my big brother on TV, he was like a big brother in real life... I last saw him on June 8 when his family threw a birthday party.
"He was not in good shape, and we all knew it might be the last time we'd see him. But we'd gathered to celebrate his life and tell him how much he had meant to us. I told him, 'I love you, brother!'"
And the Mad Men actor insists his best pal will always live on in his heart, adding, "Don was a great human being, a mentor and a terrific role model. I will miss him terribly."
Grady died on 27 June (12).