Barry Gibb is planning a solo tour in honour of his brothers.

The singer is the only surviving member of the Bee Gees after losing his bandmate twin brothers Maurice in 2003 and Robin in May this year - from kidney and liver failure - as well as his younger sibling Andy in 1988.

He told the Daily Express newspaper: ''I will live on the music. And no matter what stage I'm standing on, my three brothers will be standing there with me.''

Giving a message to fans, he added: ''Our family appreciates your support at such a difficult time. I will miss all my brothers deeply.''

Maurice passed away from a heart attack while waiting surgery for a twisted intestine.

Andy was not a member of the Bee Gees but had a successful solo career, before he died from viral infection aged 30 after years of drug abuse. Both deaths had a huge impact on the remaining brothers.

A source added his siblings would have wanted Barry to continue performing, and to carry on the legacy of the Bee Gees, one of the defining acts of the disco era in the 70s, who have sold over 200 million records to date, and the Gibb family.

The source said: ''Barry is hurting badly but he knows the boys would expect him to carry on. Next year looks more likely in terms of a return to the stage. He will do his brothers proud.''